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And it also obtains Face Priority and Face-Only modes, which specifically focus on the faces of subjects. It offers the same level of agility as conventional handheld camcorders but with the addition of the inputs a pro demands. In the end, the HF-G60 is a strong run-and-gun solution that delivers excellent 4K quality in a small compact design with an AF that leads the class at this price point. The reality is that they don’t provide nearly the amount of flexibility a dedicated camcorder provides. With that, let’s cover the top ten most affordable 4K camcorders that deliver excellent quality and value for the money. And while most reviewers and journalists seem to overlook this segment of the camera market in today’s world, these cameras remain dangerous contenders for video shooters. Note that there are no other modes of recording; it is 1080i at 60FPS or nothing.

  • By adjusting the resolution your multimeter, you can make your device more or less precise.
  • There is a battery saving auto-shutoff feature too that will activate after 15 minutes of non-use.
  • You can also stream the files to your iPad or iPhone with their mobile app, although it doesn’t currently work on Android.

Accuracy is a must when it comes to selecting a multimeter best suited to your needs. For high accuracy, a digital system is preferred, but even these can have some issues when it comes to presenting the correct readouts. To overcome this, you’re best investing a little more than you might expect, especially for professional needs. You can also enjoy accuracy through true RMS technology, while the 400-hour battery life will save you plenty of problems. It is compact and ergonomic, making it ideal for all-day application, and it will slip easily into your toolbox to take it to the next job site. Of course I was interested in what was inside the multimeter and opened it up. The instruction manual describes how to remove the screws under the feet.

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If reliability and precision are your topmost priorities, then this is the perfect device for your needs. The Fluke 179 is the best solution for professional technicians anywhere and is built to operate flawlessly in harsh industrial environments.

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All you need is a digital TV tuner, and you’ll get access to local news, sports, and television free of charge. If this sounds like a good deal, let’s take a look at the best USB TV tuners and see which is right for you. This converter box from Mediasonic allows you to watch the local channels by converting over the air ATSC Digital television broadcast to both analog and digital television, projector, or computer. Measuring 3 x 5.25 x 8 inches and weighing 3.8 ounces, the Hauppauge tuner is discreet and takes up very little space. It also works surprisingly well in areas with weak reception. You can use this tuner to access HDTV, ATSC TV, and local channels. Also, you can use the Hauppauge tuner to record what you’re watching as it’s broadcast.

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The Klein MM1000 Electricians Multimeter and more budget friendly Klein MM200 are among their most popular. They also produce low impedance DMMs, dedicated HVAC meters, and electrical test kits. Fluke also produces an impressive number of other measuring tools, including clamp meters, insulation testers and thermal image condition-monitoring equipment. This is one robust cookie, has most test features you would need, and comes with wide scales and high levels of resolution. It is very fast in both auto-ranging and when performing continuity checks and has very good input protection.

The small milliamp circuit is also protected by a 500mA fuse that instantly trips off, if the current exceeds its limit. Being a true RMS multimeter having a min/max storage function, you can play with nonlinear signals, particularly involving variable speed drives to get accurate results. Moreover, by recording the highs and lows of those signals, you can implement your electrical knowledge to estimate the fluctuations. Additionally, with no kickstand and hanging magnetic, you won’t enjoy the greater flexibility of doing your job single-handedly. However, with the addition of a backside probes holder, you can fix one probe and connect the other with the circuit to comfortably take readings. The 60 segment bar graph gives a perfect analog touch while seeing how fluctuating the measuring signal is. Moreover, its orange backlight brightens up the screen when operated in dark mode.

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Reliability is an important component of any electronic device. You need the unit to be available to work whenever it is in use. When calculating data, reliability also refers to the ability to receive the same results with repeated trials. The best HVAC multimeter should save time and effort by eliminating the cumbersome presences of unnecessary controls while also including specific features needed to handle HVAC related tasks. There are many multimeters made primarily for HVAC purposes, and others are made for more general use while still being capable of handling HVAC issues. An HVAC multimeter is one that is used specifically for HVAC professionals and applications. It may not have all of the features of a standard device, but it can also have more functions that will not be found on other units.